For Christmas this year I asked my parents for a helmet camera, so hopefully I will get one. If I do I hope to post some skiing videos on this blog!

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Manitoba Skiing

I live in Manitoba where the skiing is scarce and poor. I have two major options for skiing, ski valley in Minnedosa, 45 minutes away, with 9 runs, very small, or asessippi, a three hour drive with 25 runs. Both are in Manitoba so they are subject to the extreme cold and frigid prairie winds. Both are not substantially cheaper than the mountains, because they can get away with charging so much. After skiing in the mountains they are not impressive. They both also have very slow, very small lifts, so you get less time skiing and more time being a sitting duck to the frostbite and cold air. You have to take more breaks, and you have to spend more time on the lifts. One good thing about skiing in Manitoba is the distance from home. I can take a day trip out to the ski hill, rather than missing school for a week to make the trip worth it. ❄🎿


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Last year I went skiing in the mountains 4 times. One of my favourite places to ski in the world is Marmot Basin, located in Jasper national park, Alberta, Canada. It has wonderfully long, wide open runs, and plenty of terrain variety. My favourite ski run there is probably Showoff, a black diamond located under the new paradise high speed quad lift. Another reason I love marmot so much is because of its lack of clouds. It has a surprisingly long ski season, November to may, so if I am going skiing during spring break, it will be at marmot, because they have supreme spring skiing. I have been there twice, both times during spring break (end of march)

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Today in Brandon, Manitoba, where I live, it snowed!! I love snow, so this was the best day of grade nine so far! Snow! Snow! Snow!Image

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Skiing season in Canada is my favourite time of the year.  I live in Canada and every winter I go skiing in the mountains. This winter, for the first time, I am going skiing in Whistler. I am also excited to announce that nor quay is already open on weekends and that sunshine, Lake Louise, and Marmot basin all plan to open on november the ninth. 

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Hello world!

Hello world! This is my first post on my first blog and I am excited to finally have one!

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